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Strategy, Management, Operations, Advisory, and IT consulting services in Jordan and abroad. Integrated Solutions that help clients solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. Digital Transformation tools that lead to tangible results. Customized training solutions related to our activities.

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Why to choose us

After several years of experience in Jordan including the public sector and private sector, NGOs, and international organizations, we have decided to formally establish Salma MCIS Company to operate in the consulting services and become a one-stop-shop of comprehensive integrated solutions for various industries.

Who We Are

A management consulting and integrated solutions firm in various industries including but not limited to water energy environment, geology, agriculture, tourism, economic projects, and IT.

Our Customers Are Our Priority

Quick responds Caring about customers Provide Genuine services Do Great Work mutually Understand Customers Needs Transfer Knowledge Build professional team Perks for Loyal Customers


  • Salma MCIS is dedicated to developing a plan of success for our clients in a collaborative work environment approach that assures : Mutual trust relationship. Evidenced commitment while providing the services and after. Applicable solutions that are impossible to doubt gaining tangible results User-friendly, manageable, cost-effective, able to maintain, and sustainable integrated solutions

  • To be one of the elites in management consulting by bringing state of art integrated solutions in one place (One-Stop-Shop consultancy).

  • Salma MCIS is determined to provide best-in-class consulting services to support several industries in Jordan and abroad with a one-stop-shop consultancy in : Entire project instrumentation Develop concepts for required solutions Implementing the solution

    Through a well-qualified team of consultants, advisors, and elite staff.

  • Sama MCIS Essence is: a trustworthy and reliable One-Stop-Shop consulting service bounds by innovative, integrity, and genuine values to satisfy our client’s needs with a complete, cost-effective, and sustainable integrated solution.



Our standard approach is providing our customers with creative and sustainable state-of-the-art consulting services and Digital Transformation solutions.


We will keep monitoring and evaluating our services and actions to maintain the value of being trustworthy and reliable.

Team / Employees

Our team is the core of our business. We hire the best and expect substantial accomplishment.


Our priority is the customers’ satisfaction by committing to provide them with outstanding services which are conducted through best solutions to improve their business efficiency and assure cost recovery.


It is our ethical culture for the entire company taking responsibility and accountability for our actions, valuing honesty and openness, act with honor, express gratitude for others, commit to doing what we say will do, and respecting ourselves and our customers around no matter where we are.


Best-in – Management Consulting

Best-In – Management Consulting

Salma MCIS relies on a team of qualified consultants with experience and knowledge in various fields to support the business and achieve its value through Certified Professional Project Management for ; new, planned, existing, under construction, or even stalled projects.

Also, conducting the necessary Consultancy and developing concepts for Enterprise Technological Solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and achieving a sustainable Digital Transformation business environment (BI).

State – of – Art Integrated Solutions

State – of – Art Integrated Solutions

We as a creative consultancy firm tend to serve our clients utmost while helping them to achieve their business objectives by bringing sustainable integrated enterprise solutions based on Artificial Intelligent (AI) with state of art Data-driven Decision Support System tools in one place to maximize their business values and strategic planning within a Business Intelligent (BI) workspace. Transfer knowledge, capacity building, and outstanding technical support are one of our assets to sustain our integrated solutions that are impossible to doubt gaining tangible results.

Key systems that we are capable to support :

GIS applications development

SCADA Interfaces

Groundwater Management Systems

Data Management Solutions, and Image processing systems (Remote Sensing Systems)

Building professional Websites and operating Internet search engines are our specialties to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients upon their demand with outstanding Technical Support services.

Salma MCIS has the capability of consultants to conduct all kinds of needs assessments in advance to develop an integrated solution or contribute to improving the business operations through a systematic process for determining and addressing needs, and gaps, between current situational and desired situation. Strategic solutions are our specialty in accordance with the results gained via the assessment Feasible, applicable, and sustainable recommendations are our goals as impossible to doubt gaining. tangible results for various sectors.

Salma MCIS has long experience and knowledge to develop oriented concepts for the client’s need to :

Developing the System Components’ Diagram is our approach to documentation for a project before implementation which can be used in any field, not just software engineering It is a UML Diagram to allow teams to visualize how a project is or will be working.

It includes Interfaces, WEB Services, AI and BI means, APIs, and Database models’ structure,…. Required IT infrastructure Required Resources.

Salma MCIS has a professional team of IT consultants including but not limited to developers, programmers, network engineers, IT Technicians, DBA, System Engineers, …

Salma MCIS as an elite consulting firm, support our clients with subject matter experts to assure Innovative and Indubitably solutions that are applicable and feasible, user-friendly manageable, measurable performance, cost-effective, able to maintain, and sustainable

Through our professional team who will work closely with you, it is a matter of story of success

Our knowledge and experience guarantee the professional implementation of the developed integrated solution as well as the deployment. This includes but is not limited to :

One of our values is commitment.
Salma MCIS is committed to delivering activated solutions for client usage upon a standard Test and Run Process. The Test and Run Process is monitored in a proactive manner by our team and the Subject Matter Experts (SME). Coding documentation is transferred to the client with Users Manuals. On-Job training is crucial while implementing the Test and Run Process to save time and efforts.

Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

Data is a steward engine for any business as well as a bottleneck for success.

Data Management Solutions become essential for making sense of vast data. For that, Salma MCIS is ready to handle all disciplines related to data as a valuable resource for the business.

Building professional Websites and operating Internet search engines are our specialties to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients upon their demand with outstanding Technical Support services .

Our core strength is in the development of:

Customized Data centers designs

Data governance policies

Data management techniques

Data migration procedures

Data validation procedures

Customized integration tools

Data Analysis techniques

Customized designs of data management solutions and data banks

And more

Other Services

Other Services

To support our activities Salma MCIS is licensed to have: Retail trading of software systems Retail trading of computers, equipment, peripherals, supplies, spare parts, and Distribution.


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