Salma MCIS intends to provide distinguished consulting services with professional project management to many industries to contribute to supporting the achievement of their strategic goals, improving the performance level, supporting the wheel of development, and protecting vital resources.

Providing integrated technological solutions based on artificial intelligence where data is considered one of the critical issues. Data management solutions of standardized database models are our specialty as well as integration with existing databases of specialized systems including SCADA and GIS.

State of art IT architecture design and implementation by customized development and programming techniques is our added values

Reliable policies for the implementation of integrated solutions and/or existing systems including Data Governance, QA, KPIs, ..etc are our key consulting services in addition to policies to ensure improved systems’ operations and functions.

Key industries we can provide consultancy for are :

Water Resources Management

  • Technology solutions for smart operation and maintenance of water management.
  • Water safety plans and sanitation safety plans.
  • Surface water resources studies.
  • Groundwater resources studies.
  • Hydromodelling.
  • Water wells assessment and location identification.
  • Water network analysis and financing plans.
  • Water harvesting techniques.
  • And more..

Energy Efficiency

  • Planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units as well as energy distribution and storage.
  • Renewable and Non-Renewable energy.
  • Smart solutions including data management to improve energy efficiency.
  • Develop an effective energy management strategy.
  • Audit techniques.
  • And more..


  • Environment sustainability, including waste management, recycling, flood risk, and the effects of climate change.
  • Impact of industrial, commercial, and government initiatives on the environment.
  • Developing and establishing efficient systems for environmental protection.
  • Conduct field surveys to collect data about levels of pollution or contamination and interpret data which can include using software-modeling packages
  • Environmental analysis using Soil and Water Assessment Tools (SWAT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • And more..


  • Guidance and actionable solutions to problems in farming business and organizations.
  • Technology solutions to improve efficiency and profitability.
  • Remote sensing techniques for monitoring the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector.
  • Crop pattern analysis to estimate water consumption.
  • Climate change impact analysis.
  • And more..


  • Geological and geophysical analysis techniques for oil, gas, and water exploration.
  • Structural and geological mapping using Remote Sensing techniques.
  • 3D models of basement architecture.
  • Interactive GIS maps and models.
  • Soil analysis techniques.
  • Hazardous studies.
  • Environmental geology.
  • Smart solutions .
  • And more..


  • Assessing the development of a tourism strategy.
  • Customized data analysis techniques to evaluate the current situation.
  • Build a Geo-spatial database.
  • Develop analytical dashboards.
  • Develop customized mobile applications (APPS) to improve the tourism activities for agencies and organizations.
  • And more..

Economic Projects

  • Situational analysis to propose improvement performance plans for existing programs.
  • Develop economic concepts to quantify issues, using econometrics and high-level data analysis.
  • Develop policy and process to improve the project operations.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Risk management plans.
  • Environmental impact studies, analysis, and project evaluation – to predict the environmental outcomes of a policy, program, plan, or project prior to a decision on implementation being taken.
  • and more..

Information Technology

  • Managing enterprise solutions.
  • AI ad BI implementation.
  • IT architecture design for sites and systems.
  • Manage data centers.
  • Development and programming of customized APIs.
  • Technical Support.
  • Managing websites as well as the design.
  • Provide any computing hardware.
  • Software distribution.
  • Capacity building.
  • and more..